Three Reasons Your Office Needs A Veterinary Ultrasound System

Have you been on the fence about buying a veterinary ultrasound system for your office? If so, you aren't alone. Major veterinary equipment, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines and computed tomography (CT) scans aren't typically seen outside of large veterinarian practices. However, it's becoming more and more common for smaller veterinarian offices to have ultrasound systems. Discover why you should buy veterinary ultrasound systems for your veterinarian office.

Want A Dog? Two Reasons Why You Should Buy Directly From A Breeder

Getting a new puppy can be an incredibly exciting experience.  You get the opportunity to add a fun and often quite playful member to your family.  The first step to getting your new pet is determining where to purchase them from.  While you can certainly go to a pet store, there may be an even better option:  Going directly to a breeder.  Use this information to learn more about why you should purchase your next puppy from a breeder.

The Truth About Getting Your Dog's Teeth Professionally Cleaned

It is hard not to run across a line of dog food or treats that advertises how well it prevents plaque buildup or eliminates tartar. In fact, dog owners are encouraged to feed their pets hard dog food in an effort to avoid a multitude of canine dental issues and diseases. You can brush your dog's teeth yourself daily, and you can bring your furry friend to the vet to have routine dental cleanings, but if anesthesia isn't involved, a thorough cleaning is not taking place.

3 Ways To Protect Your Pets This Thanksgiving

If you are hosting Thanksgiving at your home this year, and you have dogs or cats, you need to make sure that you protect your pets from anything that could harm them. Here are three things that you need to watch out in order to keep your pets safe this Thanksgiving. #1 Keep Bones Away From Your Pets The first thing that you need to do is keep bones away from your pets, such as turkey bones and chicken bones.

Several Benefits Of Spaying Or Neutering Your Pet

Caring for your pet will require you to be fairly informed about many of the common procedures that your pet will need to undergo. Sadly, there are some pet owners that are not very informed when it comes to spaying and neutering. As a result, these pet owners can overlook the benefits of these procedures. In order to help you better appreciate the importance of having your pet spayed or neutered, you will need to be aware of these three benefits of this medical procedure.

4 Steps To Take If Your Pup Is Burned

Now that winter is here, it's time to start using the fireplace again. If you have a puppy, you'll need to watch them around the fire. Puppies are naturally curious, especially if they've never been around something before. Just one step too close to the fireplace could result in a serious burn. If your puppy has been burned on the fireplace, here are four steps you'll need to take. Trim the Fur

Two Tips To Keep Your Dog Safe And Comfortable This Winter

The winter months can bring unique health hazards for your dog. However, some dog owners may be unaware of the various threats that their dog will face during this time of the year. In order to help you be a better informed pet owner, you should make it a point to follow these tips so that your dog will be as safe and comfortable as possible this winter. Invest In Winter Gear

Plants To Keep Out Of Your Garden This Spring If You Have A New Puppy

Puppies love to chew on just about anything they can get their teeth into, including the plants and vegetables that you have planted throughout your property. If you have a new puppy, be carefully about what you plant this spring. Saponins Saponins is a component that is found naturally within a variety of different plants. The primary plants that saponins is found in that may end up in your backyard include hosta plants, nightshade plants, English holly, English ivy, buckeye, and aloe.

Three Tips To Helping Your New Puppy Thrive In Its New Environment

You would be hard pressed to find a home that has never owned a dog. In fact, about 37% to 47% of households in the United States own at least one dog. Dogs bring many benefits to humans, including providing companionship, they can help keep you calm and relaxed, and help you to be more social. It is no wonder so many homes have a dog nowadays. When you make that decision to bring a dog into your home, there are steps you need to take to ensure your pup remains healthy and happy.

Dog Sprayed By a Skunk? How to Make Them Smell Great Again

You don't have to live out in the country to be exposed to skunks. Skunks lurk in the suburbs as well. If your dog has recently encountered a skunk and been sprayed, the spray from the skunk is going to stick on to them. Although the smell will wear off your dog eventually, it will take a while to do so naturally, and the smell will irritate your dog until it is gone.