Dog Sprayed By a Skunk? How to Make Them Smell Great Again

You don't have to live out in the country to be exposed to skunks. Skunks lurk in the suburbs as well. If your dog has recently encountered a skunk and been sprayed, the spray from the skunk is going to stick on to them. Although the smell will wear off your dog eventually, it will take a while to do so naturally, and the smell will irritate your dog until it is gone. [Read More]

Four Ways You're Unknowingly Hurting Your Dog

Between 37% and 47% of households own at least one dog in the United States. This statistic shows that Americans have a real love for dogs. As a dog owner, you strive to create a happy and healthy environment for them. From walking them around the neighborhood for exercise to feeding them the best quality foods, you strive to make sure your dog lives a full life. Unfortunately, the distractions of life can get in the way of caring for your dog, and you could find out that you may be shortening their life without even knowing it. [Read More]

Doggie Dental Care: A Guide For Dog Owners

As a dog owner, you only want what's best for your furry friend. Unfortunately, many owners don't realize that dogs are just as prone to dental issues as humans. If you're a dog owner who's new to the idea of doggie dental care, read on to learn more so you can provide your dog with the best care. What are the Causes of Dental Issues in Dogs? Dogs use their teeth for a number of things throughout the day, from eating to playing tug-o-war. [Read More]

3 Tips On Keeping Your Guinea Pigs Warm And Healthy This Winter

With winter weather just around the corner, many pet owners may find themselves wondering what they can do to keep their furry friends warm and healthy during the cold season. Whether you're a new owner or have owned guinea pigs for years, check out the three tips below so you can ensure your guinea pig's comfort and health. Protect Your Guinea Pigs from Drafts As a guinea pig owner, you probably know just how susceptible guinea pigs are to upper respiratory infections. [Read More]