Plants To Keep Out Of Your Garden This Spring If You Have A New Puppy

Puppies love to chew on just about anything they can get their teeth into, including the plants and vegetables that you have planted throughout your property. If you have a new puppy, be carefully about what you plant this spring. Saponins Saponins is a component that is found naturally within a variety of different plants. The primary plants that saponins is found in that may end up in your backyard include hosta plants, nightshade plants, English holly, English ivy, buckeye, and aloe. [Read More]

Three Tips To Helping Your New Puppy Thrive In Its New Environment

You would be hard pressed to find a home that has never owned a dog. In fact, about 37% to 47% of households in the United States own at least one dog. Dogs bring many benefits to humans, including providing companionship, they can help keep you calm and relaxed, and help you to be more social. It is no wonder so many homes have a dog nowadays. When you make that decision to bring a dog into your home, there are steps you need to take to ensure your pup remains healthy and happy. [Read More]

Dog Sprayed By a Skunk? How to Make Them Smell Great Again

You don't have to live out in the country to be exposed to skunks. Skunks lurk in the suburbs as well. If your dog has recently encountered a skunk and been sprayed, the spray from the skunk is going to stick on to them. Although the smell will wear off your dog eventually, it will take a while to do so naturally, and the smell will irritate your dog until it is gone. [Read More]

Four Ways You're Unknowingly Hurting Your Dog

Between 37% and 47% of households own at least one dog in the United States. This statistic shows that Americans have a real love for dogs. As a dog owner, you strive to create a happy and healthy environment for them. From walking them around the neighborhood for exercise to feeding them the best quality foods, you strive to make sure your dog lives a full life. Unfortunately, the distractions of life can get in the way of caring for your dog, and you could find out that you may be shortening their life without even knowing it. [Read More]