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Three Steps To Take When Finding Out Your Pup Has Diabetes

Just like humans, dogs can have diabetes; it can occur in older dogs and in young puppies. If you notice your dog is drinking and urinating more often plus acting lethargic, it is a good idea to check their blood sugar. Dogs' blood sugar can be checked on the same type of meter has humans. With a prick to the exposed skin of the ear, you may be able to get their blood sugar reading. If the reading is well above 100, you may need to take your dog to the emergency animal hospital. Here are three steps to take after finding out your dog has diabetes. 

Find the right injection spot

If your dog has diabetes, there is a high likelihood they will need to have daily insulin injections. Ask your vet the appropriate spot to give daily injections that will cause your pup little to no pain. Many times, the injection can go into the side or stomach of the dog without causing much pain. In larger dogs, there may be more options for injection spots. Be sure to hold your dog stable so they get the full injection.

Throw out their food and treats

When a dog has diabetes, they will need to go on a specialized diet. When you get home, check our your dog's food and read the ingredients. If there is a lot of fat, sugar, or carbohydrates in their food, these items may need to be thrown out. Purchase food or make your own dog food that is high in protein and includes vegetables and lean meats. Ask your veterinarian for the best food brands or food recipes that will keep your diabetic dog healthy. Don't forget to ask for treat recommendations as well so that your dog still has enjoyable snacks throughout the day. 

Keep eyes on your puppy at all times

When your dog has diabetes, you will need to keep a more watchful eye on them to make sure they are always in good condition. Any heavy drinking, heavy peeing, and acting sickly may mean their blood sugar is spiking in either direction. Install a camera or video system in your home that will allow you to see your dog by live stream when you are away from home. This will permit to see any visible changes in your dogs demeanor and for you to notice if there are times of day that your dog seems to have blood sugar issues for better regulation.

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