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Puppy Love: How To Know If Your Sensitive Dog Is Having A Negative Reaction To A Shot

In order to keep your dog healthy, you will need to keep up their shots and health treatments. If you have a dog who seems to have a sensitive system, they may need to see a vet a little more often than usual. It is especially important for dogs who have sensitive systems to see the vet on a regular basis. Dogs may also have a negative reaction to certain treatments or if they receive too many shots at one time. Here are some things to watch for after your dog has shots or a new treatment to determine if they are having a negative reaction. 

Pacing back and forth

If a dog is not feeling well or is feeling anxious due to changes in their body, they may be prone to pace back and forth. If your dog is having trouble sitting still and is pacing after they get a shot, attempt a calming activity like a short walk. In some cases, a dog anxiety jacket may also calm down your pet. If you do not have an anxiety jacket or can't walk with your pet at the time, try to get your dog to lie down and let you pet them. If they are more than anxious the pacing might continue. 

Not taking treats or eating

Changes in your dog's eating habits indicate that they are not feeling their usual selves. If your dog is refusing to eat after a treatment from the vet, try to give them a treat that they like. If they will not take the treat, chances are they are not feeling well. If this persists, your dog will need to see a vet to make sure that all of their system levels are back to normal after a regular round of shots or treatments. 

Sitting or lying when they should be walking

A dog feeling lethargic is a surefire sign that something is wrong. If you take your dog for a walk or play with your dog after they get shots and they act odd, they may be feeling sickly. Dogs sitting or lying down on their normal walk means that something feels wrong or that their energy levels are not the same. If the lethargic behavior after a shot goes on for more than just a day, they will need to be seen by the vet at a clinic like Seattle Emergency Veterinary Hospital again to determine if something serious is wrong.