Your Pet's Healthcare Starts at Home

Four Ways You're Unknowingly Hurting Your Dog

Between 37% and 47% of households own at least one dog in the United States. This statistic shows that Americans have a real love for dogs. As a dog owner, you strive to create a happy and healthy environment for them. From walking them around the neighborhood for exercise to feeding them the best quality foods, you strive to make sure your dog lives a full life. Unfortunately, the distractions of life can get in the way of caring for your dog, and you could find out that you may be shortening their life without even knowing it. A dog's lifespan depends on the breed of the dog. In order to ensure that your lovable pup lives a full life, here are some ways you could be hurting your dog. 

Skipping Wellness Checks

Dogs tend to age much faster than humans making it especially important to have them checked by a veterinarian routinely. For an adult aged dog, experts suggest sending your dog in for a wellness check annually. This helps to prevent minor problems from turning into bigger problems later. Additionally, it can help veterinarians locate issues that you are not trained to see. When your dog is a puppy and when they are older, you want to bring them to see the veterinarian more often. Your vet office can provide you a schedule showing how often you should bring your dog in for checks. 

Smoking Around Your Dog

Smoking does not just affect humans, but it can also affect your pets as well. In fact, second-hand smoke has been linked to lung cancer and nasal sinus cancer in dogs. If you or someone in your household smokes, it is important that you designate a separate space for them to smoke in. This will help keep the smoke away from your pets so they don't come down with any symptoms from it.

Neglecting Physical Activity

Even though you may see your dog lying around a lot, it does not mean this is okay for your pet. Every dog needs to get in some physical activity to help stretch their joints and increases mental stimulation. It is easy to get into a routine with work and family life and forget about the physical activity, but your dog's life may be shortened by the lack of activity. Even just a walk around the neighborhood can be a great way to maintain their physical health. 

Letting Your Dog Get Too Heavy

In 2014 alone, researchers found that over half of dogs in the United States were overweight. It is crucial that you talk to a veterinarian, like one from Phoenixville Animal Hospital - R B Wolstenholme DVM, about your pet's diet to ensure you are not feeding them too much or too often. You may be surprised to find how little your dog actually needs to remain healthy.